Creditsmith Capital Partners invests primarily into unlisted credit opportunities and maintains adequate liquidity and diversification across its investments by partnering up with key players in these specialist areas to build up an investment portfolio that limits areas of concentrated risk.

The fund invests in both senior and junior debt with areas of focus on secured bridging finance, mezzanine finance and property secured lending. The fund maintains adequate liquidity and diversification across its investments through a diversified book.

Larger transactions are only undertaken with additional security requirements so as to avoid concentration risk.

The fund is focused on preserving capital growth for investors and as such tries to achieve bankÔÇÉtype security for the loan allocations, i.e. mortgage bonds, personal suretyships and the like. The fund selectively seeks out opportunities to invest in assets where the return is out of line with the risk assumed ensuring risk adjusted returns for investors.

While larger banks and financial firms may take time to process an investment, Creditsmith prides itself on fast release of capital injections on a secured lending basis, while still ensuring appropriate due diligence.


The fund offers a flexible mandate that allows investors to access and invest in various opportunities across the credit spectrum held by the fund. Creditsmith is attuned to investor needs and is committed to help achieve investment objectives by delivering performance that meets expectations.


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